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9. Monastery Emauzy

The monastery was founded in 1347 for the Croatian Benedictines, who conducted religious services in the Old Slavonic language, hence its name Na Slovanech.  The site has changed hands multiple times due to Prague's volatile religious history.  A Hussite order was established here in 1446, and later in 1635, the monastery was acquired by Spanish Benedictines.  In the 18th century, the monastery was converted entirely to Baroque style, but then again, in 1880, it was taken over by German Benedictines who rebuilt almost all of the architecture to Neo-Gothic style.  Through the centuries, some very important 14th century paintings have been preserved and still hang in the cloisters.  However, many items were damaged in World War II.  In fact, both the monastery and the church were almost completely destroyed in an American air raid in 1945.