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8. Mikulov Castle

Mikulov Castle is situated in the town of Mikulov in the lush, exotic region of South Moravia.  The Baroque architecture and soothing colors of this classic structure entice visitors to enter and explore.  The castle stands on a place of historic Slavonic settlement, where since the end of the 13th century the original stone castle was erected.  The present castle was totally recreated by the dukes of Dietrichstein from 1719-1730.  The end of World War II meant a complete disaster for the castle, as German troops withdrawing from the town set it ablaze.  After an extensive reconstruction in the 1950s, the castle became the seat of the Regional Museum in Mikulov with several interesting exhibitions, housing art and historical collections, including artifacts relating to the history of local wine production.  The Renaissance wine barrel, dating from 1643 and one of the largest wine barrels in Central Europe, is on display.  The most interesting parts of the chateau are the chateau library and the Ancestors´ Hall.