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The Dacice Chateau is located in the area of Bohemia close to the attractive city of Ceske Budejovice, home to Czech Budvar.  The chateau’s neo classicist façade is complemented by a robin’s egg blue color and features the above-mentioned neo Classicist façade from the last renovation that was finished around 1930.  The originally Renaissance palace was built in 1591 by Oldřich Krajíř of Krajek, inspired by the Northern Italian Renaissance.  The palace was built according to the grand palaces that graced the gentle rolling hills of Italy at the time.  The palace was renovated several times, due not only to architectural trends but also due to some raging fires that occurred inside the palace.  The palace has an impressive collection of table clocks, graphics, china, earthenware, glassware and a beautiful butterfly collection.