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7. Kinsky Palace

The Kinsky Palace was built in 1755 - 1765 by Anselmo Lurago or K. I. Dientzenhofer.  It has a Rococo facade, but the architecture itself is still Baroque.  The front of the palace is decorated with allegoric sculptures of four elements and Antique gods.  This decoration was damaged at the end of World War II in 1945, so there are replicas in place today.  The interior of the Kinsky Palace was redecorated in Empire style in the 1830s.  The palace was originally a residence of Count Goltz.  After his death in 1768 it was bought by Count Frantisek Oldrich Kinsky, hence the name of the building.

Kinsky Palace at the Old Town Square, also called the Goltz – Kinsky Palace, is regarded as the most beautiful Rococo building in Prague.  Franz Kafka used to attend a grammar school ere at the turn of the 20 th century and later it became an exhibition space of the National Gallery in Prague.  The exhibition of landscape in Czech art from 17 th to the 20 th century is situated here.