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6. Museum of Communism


This museum focuses on the totalitarian regime from the February coup in 1948 to its rapid collapse in November 1989.  The theme of the Museum is "Communism- the Dream, the Reality, and the Nightmare" and visitors are treated to a fully immersive experience. Immersive factories, a historical schoolroom, an Interrogation Room, and the video clips in the Television Time Machine are all part of the experience.  The museum is a great introduction before you step back even further in time and experience the wonders of The Golden City.

This is the first museum in Prague (since the Velvet Revolution) exclusively devoted to a system established in the sphere of the former Soviet Union.  The original items and meticulous installations containing authentic artifacts are displayed in the three main rooms.

The Museum presents a vivid account of Communism, focusing generally on Czechoslovakia and particularly on Prague in a variety of areas, such as:

  • daily life
  • politics
  • history
  • sport
  • economics
  • education
  • the arts“ (such as the so-called Socialist Realism movement)
  • media propaganda
  • the Peoples’ Militias
  • the army
  • the police (including the dreaded secret STB apparatus)
  • censorship
  • judiciary and coercive institutions (including the Stalinist show-trials and political labor camps)