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4. Prague City Museum

Na Porici 52
Florenc, Prague 8
Czech Republic

The Prague City Museum houses multiple historical artifacts, documents, weapons and maps documenting the history of Prague from prehistory through the 6th century with the arrival of the Slavik people. The most notable item for visitors to view is a huge cardboard model of the city created between 1826-1834 by Antonín Langweil, who was a servant at the National Museum.   The detail is of this item is meticulously accurate depicting exact replicas of windows and doorways. The other amazing thing about this model is that it shows historical development of Old Town, Lesser Town and the Prague Castle prior to the way the city looked at the end of the 19th century.  Also, the heart of Prague is shown in great detail as it appeared over 150 years ago. 

On a historical note of humanity and the roots of Old Prague, the exhibits at this museum educates the visitor as to where Prague's first inhabitants came from, how they dressed, where they resided, their farms, their habits, and how they viewed themselves in the world.  The museum includes depictions of hundreds of old buildings in the Jewish Quarter also. 

The main concept taken away from a visit here is that Prague's historical center has remained much the same over time.  It is a gem and a time capsule of history and architectural beauty.