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4. Church of St. Thomas

Lesser Town church of St. Thomas in Letenska Street was built in the Gothic style on the foundation of an older, probably Romanesque church.  Its presbytery was consecrated in 1315 and then the entire church in 1379.  When the Hussite riots destroyed the church, it was rebuilt in 1584-1592 by Augustinian solitaires with the participation of Bernard di Alberto.  This reconstruction in Renaissance style was completed at the beginning of the 17th century.  The recent Baroque style of this church originated with another reconstruction in 1727-1731, and was designed by Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer.  The church is an integral part of the Augustinian convent (house number 28).  During the reign of Rudolph II, St. Thomas's developed strong links with the Imperial Court and several prominent members of Rudolph's entourage are buried here.

The tall slim octagonal pyramidal roof of the church steeple is one of the typical silhouettes of Lesser Town.  It is hard to overlook this steeple from many different directions not only for its certain atypical look but also for its height, which is 62 m.  In the past, the gothic steeple had features of a later Baroque reconstruction such as ellipse-shaped and circular windows or corner pilasters.  Today, the English-speaking Catholic community of Prague meets in this church.