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3. Rudolfinum

Home of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, the Rudolfinum is one of the most striking landmarks on the Old Town bank of the Vltava River.  Many of the Prague Spring music concerts are held here as there are several lovely concert halls.  The most beautiful of these halls is the famous Dvořák Hall ranking among the finest creations of 19th century Czech architecture.  Built between 1876 and 1884, the building was designed by Josef Zitek and Josef Schulz.  The Rudolfinum derives its name from Crown Prince Rudolph of Habsburg, its namesake.  Much like the National Theater, the Rudolfinum is an excellent example of Czech Neo-renaissance style architecture.  It is noted for its gorgeous curving balustrade decorated with statues of famous Czech, Austrian and German artists and composers.  The Rudolfinum is also known for another name, the "House of Artists" because the building houses the Gallerie Rudolfinum consisting of a collection of modern art.  Also of historical interest, the Rudolfinum was used for a brief time after WWII, as the seat of the Czechoslovak parliament.