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Top Ten Beers

beerThe most popular Czech drink is definitely beer.  If you are visiting the Czech Republic, you really should try Czech beer.  The Czech Republic has a lot of delicious beers to offer. Czechs love their beer.  Beer has a very long tradition here, it tastes delicious and it is inexpensive.  Many times, the cheapest thing you can drink in the Czech Republic is beer, often as cheap as it would be to purchase a soda or juice.  In addition, if you do not consume too much beer, it can be healthy, as it is rich in Vitamin B.  Many people consume beer before noon. There are many popular brands but the most consumed beers are Pilsner Urquell, Budweisser (Budejovicky Budvar), Gambrinus and Staropramen.  Then there is Kozel (the name means he-goat in Czech).

  1. Staropramen
    This home-town favorite, brewed in the Smíchov district, has a light, fruity flavor. It owes its popularity as much to marketing as it does to local enthusiasm.
  2. Pilsner Urquell
    The best-known Czech beer on the international market comes from  Plzen, which is 80 km  southwest of Prague. This beer has a strong, hoppy
  3. Krušovice
    The Krušovice brewery, established by Rudolph II, produces this sweet and somewhat flat beer. There is a syrupy dark (tmavé ) variety.
  4. Budweiser
    Brewed in the town of Ceské Budejovice, the beer is no relation to the American Budweiser.
  5. Velkopopovický Kozel
    This beer is very a strong, smooth beer, often considered the world’s finest.
  6. Velvet
    This sophisticated stout, brewed by Staropramen, is catching on in Prague and other larger cities.
  7. Gambrinus
    This beer, the best-selling one in the country, comes in both light and dark varieties.
  8. Bernard
    This unpasteurized beer has a distinct, bitter-sweet flavor and a hoppy aroma.
  9. Herold
    This beer is actually brewed by Americans in Bohemia. The centuries-old recipe produces a caramel, malty brew.
  10. Braník
    Braník is made with actual river water from the Vltava, giving it its distinct flavor.