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Tours and Packages

If you want to leave it to the professionals or plan your own visit to the Czech Republic, here are some choices to consider:

Full service travel agency based in Chicago that specializes in packaged tours to the Czech Republic

A handy option for those who plan their own vacations. is a well-equipped travel site managed by a Prague–based  travel agency specializing in incoming tourism to the Czech Republic and to Prague in particular.  In addition to offering a variety of accommodation selections and booking tools, the site also offers access to transfers, sightseeing tour guides, special programs, discovery tours all over the Czech Republic, tickets to cultural performances and local car rental.   They also offer some accommodation booking at out-of-Prague locations.

Provides a travel overview of the city Prague and its sites accommodations, cultural opportunities and restaurants.

Provides many opportunities and options for tours in and around Prague.

Some nice brochures and several local maps are available at:

For planning a trip some helpful information on money, electricity, medical service options, cell-phone service and the internet and much more  is available at:

More information on increasingly popular medical tourism is available at: