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An American Advocacy Organization for the Czech People

Founded as an American private non-governmental organization,  American Friends of the Czech Republic fosters closer ties between the United States and the Czech Republic in the areas of business, trade, culture, education, diplomacy, and security.  It enhances understanding, friendship, and respect between the peoples of the two countries, while educating U.S. government leaders, media and other opinion makers about the goals and aspirations of the Czech people.  Nationwide in scope, AFoCR is the voice of the American constituency that supports the Czech democracy.

The purposes of AFoCR are to:

Advocate actions to promote mutual national security goals in the U.S. and the Czech Republic

Promote development of a civil society in the Czech Republic based upon democratic ideals

Provide tangible assistance to the Czech people during times of hardship

Create new initiatives for trade and commerce between the United States and the Czech Republic

Establish educational programs for the promotion of trade, culture and greater understanding between the U.S. and the Czech Republic

Develop opportunities for the cultural exchange and appreciation of Czech heritage


Furthering close and strong ties with the Czech Republic and its people