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Phillip M. Kasik, P.E

Past President, AFoCR Partner, MPR Assoc., Engineers

AFoCR past President and Vice President Phil Kasik is a founding director of AFoCR.  He served as Treasurer from 1995 through 2002 and President from 2002 through 2004.  Phil was the Project Manager for completing the Masaryk Memorial Project and for ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the statue and park grounds.  He also managed the AFoCR effort to realize nearly 30 flood relief projects in the Czech Republic after the tragic floods of 2002.

He is a registered professional engineer with MPR Associates, a consulting engineering firm with principal headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

Born in Chicago, Phil grew up in the near-west suburb of Berwyn, a community with a strong Czech tradition.  Czech traditions have always been a part of his life.  When his ancestors arrived from Bohemia in the 1890’s they began working as butchers and eventually opened their own shops in the traditional Czech neighborhoods of Chicago. His grandfather was a member of the Pilsen Butchers, a fraternal organization of Czech butchers.  His father and mother attended the Cicero Sokol. Mr. Kasik serves on the Board of the Chicagoland Czech-American Community Center and participates in numerous other Czech heritage and genealogical organizations.

In recent years, his business and his interest in Czech culture and genealogy have taken him on numerous trips to the Czech Lands.  Now, he communicates regularly with his Czech relatives and visits them whenever possible.  His familial connections have given special meaning to his work with AFoCR.

Phil received engineering degrees from the University of Illinois and the University of California at Berkeley, where he received his Master of Science degree.  Upon graduation, Mr. Kasik served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy, working as a nuclear engineer in the Division of Naval Reactors, under Admiral H. G. Rickover.  Upon completing his Naval service, he joined MPR Associates, Engineers where he has worked for nearly 40 years.  A member of the American Nuclear Society and the American Society for Metals, Mr. Kasik currently directs a variety of nuclear engineering projects in both the private and government sectors.  He served as a founding trustee of Emmanuel Episcopal Church Foundation in Alexandria..

 Phil resides in Alexandria with his wife Mary.  They have two children, Tony and Bryan, and four grandchildren, Liam, Anika, Calvin and Charlotte.