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Jiri Maly

President and CEO Louis Berger Services

Dr. Jiri Maly is a senior business executive with over 20 years of operations, finance, M&A, and capital projects experience, successfully building, leading, and growing businesses in the defense, infrastructure, utilities, industrials, and natural resource sectors.

As President and CEO of a $100 million, 600 employee division with a diverse set of projects in the defense, energy and transportation sectors, that span the United States, Europe and the Middle East, Jiri has implemented comprehensive organizational transformations involving significant restructuring, consolidation of offices, and implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP), health and safety, and financial management systems.

Prior to joining Louis Berger Services, Jiri served as an Expert Principal at McKinsey Company for sixteen years before transitioning to Managing Director of Global Infrastructure for CIBC Capital Markets. Jiri has worked with numerous clients to deliver multibillion-dollar capital projects while functioning as an integral part of senior leadership teams.

Jiri holds a PHD in Physics from the University of Chicago, as well as Bachelor of Science degrees in both Applied Mathematics and Chemical Physics. Jiri also serves on the Transformational Infrastructure Advisory Board for the BuildCoin Foundation.