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Co-sponsorship of Czech and Slovak Gibian Freedom Lecture Series (continuing since ’00)

  1. 1. Michael Novak (11/9/2000) on “The Struggle for Freedom 10 Years After in the Czech and Slovak Republics” --- the role of intellectuals in the struggle
  2. 2. Madeleine Albright (11/19/01) on Central European – US relations --- the importance of NATO enlargement and cooperation in the fight against terrorism while maintaining our shared values
  3. 3. Adam Michnik (12/5/02) on “The Czech and Slovak Legacy in the Struggle for Freedom” --- the importance of contacts among dissidents throughout Central Europe in building resistance to Communism
  4. 4. Václav Klaus (11/19/03) on the Czech Republic and the EU --- the importance of market oriented economic reform
  5. 5. Timothy Garton Ash (11/11/04) on “What Velvet Revolutions Now” --- the legacy of the Velvet Revolution and its relevance for countries in transition today.
  6. 6. Martin Palouš (11/17/05) on “Czech-US Relations at the Beginning of the 21st Century” --- the need for maintaining close US-Czech ties and building a “pro-American Europe and a pro-European United States”
  7. 7. Ivan Mikloš (11/13/06) on “The Political Economy of Reforms in the Slovak Experience: Do Reformers Have to Lose?” --- the approach of the Slovak government towards implementing its economic reform program.
  8. 8. Alexandr Vondra (11/16/07) on the “EU and US in the 21st Century: What Identity for Transatlantic Relations” --- the importance of maintaining US-European security, economic, and energy cooperation.
  9.  9. Jan Kubiš (11/21/08) on "Strengthening U.S. - Slovak Relations and the Transatlantic Partnership: Opportunities and Challenges in Today's World" --- Slovakia’s role as a full partner in NATO and the EU and in the transatlantic relationship.
  10. 10. Miroslav Topolánek (12/10/09) on  "Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution" 
  11. 11. Iveta Radičová (11/10/10) on "Freedom, Democracy, and Prosperity in Central Europe: Story of Transformation and Integration of Slovakia"
  12. 12. Petr Pithart (11/17/11) on “Does the Czech Constitution Provide a Solid Base for the Nation’s Political Health in Comparison with the U.S. Constitution?”
  13. 13. Martin Butora (11/16/12) on "Twenty Years of Independence: Reflections on Freedom and Democracy".
  14. 14. Pavol Demeš (11/14/14) on "Slovakia's Road to Freedom and Democracy"
  15. 15. Tomáš Halík (10/20/15) on "The Role of Religion in the Transition from Communism to Democracy"