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Genealogy Societies

There are a number of societies whose primary mission is to facilitate Czech genealogical research.   These are typically membership organizations; however their websites are public and contain much useful information.   Depending how committed you are to genealogy, you may find it useful and satisfying to join one of these organizations to gain access to its resources and participate in their activities.  One of the best is the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International.  Their website is at: .  The site has links to other websites of other organizations as well.   In addition Ancestry. com,  has substantial resources, although it requires membership to access all the resources at home.  Many public libraries have access to Ancestry.Com.  Also, the Family Search Centers have access to the genealogical collections of the Church of Latter-day Saints.  Their website is

For a more detailed paper with much helpful back ground and strategies for research, click here: