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March 18, 2017
Title: VĚRA 68Venue: Sokol Dallas Building / DallasCategory: FilmDate: 03.24.2017 - 03.24.2017Time: 19.00 hDescription:   Sokol Dallas presents biographic movie about the queen of 1960's gymnastics VĚRA 68 FRIDAY, March 24, 2017 This biographic document from the director Olga Sommerova shows athletic career and personal life of Vera Caslavska, the most successful Czechoslovak sportswoman of all time as well as the fourth most successful Olympic sportswoman of the world. Her unique life story reflects the situation in the Czech society, both in the communist and democratic regime. After her breathtaking victory at the Summer Olympics in Mexico City in 1968, she was pronounced the second most popular woman of the planet after Jacqueline Kennedy. In 1968, she signed the 2000 Words Manifesto which she never withdrew. After her return to communist Czechoslovakia she becomes a social outcast who, earns a living as a cleaning woman. Following the Velvet Revolution, she becomes an advisor to President Václav Havel. As a result of her family tragedy in 1993, she retreats from public view for 16 years. This documentary was shot during a year and a half and is 90 minutes long. Cinematography by Olga Spatova (daughter of Olga Sommerova). Vera Caslavska died on August 30, 2016.  Join us for dinner prior to the movie. The dinner and social begin at 7:00 and the movie begins at 7:45. You may bring sweets and snacks to share if you like. Don't forget to invite a friend or two.  Bring the kids with you! We are pleased to offer on-site child care. Childcare is for kids ages 5 and up and the fee is 15 USD per kid. For more information and RSVP for childcare contact MARTINAHUSSOVA+SOKOL@ GMAIL.COM Sokol Dallas presents this movie series as a service to the community. There is no charge for the movie. Donations accepted for the dinner.    Mark your calendars for our next movie