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Our cultural heritage is alive: Maryland fujara class

June 13, 2018
Title: Our cultural heritage is alive: Maryland fujara classVenue: / Category: Social EventDate: 06.25.2018 - 06.25.2018Time: 13.00 hDescription: Friends of and Slovak Heritage in Maryland,   is there a better way to celebrate our cultural heritage, then by listening to our music?   There is even more joy in singing and playing Slovak music!   I am a Czech (Moravian) and have found a new musical love in playing two amazing instruments:  Slovak fujara and Moravian and Slovak koncovka, and would like to share them with you!    They both are very easy to play, when I tell my students (who never played a music instrument in their life) at the beginning of the class on Monday, that they will be jamming blues on koncovka on Wednesday, and be with me on stage on Friday night closing concert, they can't believe me, but it is true! Everybody also plays Amazing Grace, and 2 Slovak or Czech songs at the end of the week.   I will be teaching both instruments in Beginner class, starting June 25 at 1:00 pm, at McDaniel College in Westminster, in I invite you to be in that class, and also enjoy week at the beautiful setting and "college life", including concerts every evening and jams every night, if you stay on campus, but you could also commute just for the class if you like. If you stay, you could also pick other other musical or art classes, check the list on line.   We start learning on koncovka, then on fujara, and you could decide later to learn either both instruments or to concentrate on the one which is more appealing to you. I will loan my own instruments for everybody who doesn't have his or her own, there are usually slightly more female students then male students, class is small (5 or 6), and there is lot of individual attention, so everybody can progress!   There is still time to register at Common Ground on the Hill organization until the last minute before the start, our class is in Tradition Week 1:   Are you going to use your unique advantage over the rest of trillion people living on American continent? Right here, in Westminster Maryland, is the only place in entire Western hemisphere, where you can learn to play amazing Fujara and Koncovka overtone flutes !!!, while number of players is expanding in Europe, there is growing number of Czech players, but also several in each other European country, and as far away as Japan and Australia.   This chance is open to you, just register for the beginner class and you will play both instruments from day one, no music experience is necessary!    Maybe you will play for calming and relaxing effect of fujara, to play Czech or Slovak songs, or any other music, or to use improvisation possibilities of koncovka, or playing for your friends and family or your church, or jamming blues, or adding exciting new sound to your recording.   The class is in the Traditional Week 1, starting June 25 at 1:00 pm, and I am looking forward to meet you and watch you play! Bob Rychlik Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns: home: 301-829-1202 cell: 301-452-1710 or by Facebook Messenger P.S. My most recent youtube video is from TEDx (Fujara and Freedom):