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Millennium Stage: Martina Fišerová - Jazz Shift

Mon, 22 Oct 2018 18:00:00 EDT Prague-born singer/musician Martina Fišerová introduces her original songs meshing harmonic sophistication with unpretentious and personal expression on the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage on October 22, at 6 pm. Fišerová has performed with artists at jazz festivals and venues across Europe, as well as Taiwan and Vietnam. As a singer and lyricist, she collaborated on the album These People by renowned Czech bassist Jaryn Janek. In 2012, she released her spontaneously recorded debut jazz CD Clearing Fields, featuing Grammy-nominated hammond organ player Brian Charette. Her latest album Shift puts her mark on the NYC arts scene, created in Europe and the US. Unwind with this exceptional artist at the Kennedy Center.