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FC Roma - Echoes of Jihlava

October 18, 2017
Title: FC Roma - Echoes of JihlavaVenue: Czech Center New York / New YorkCategory: Social EventDate: 10.24.2017 - 10.24.2017Time: 19.00 hDescription:   FC Roma - Echoes of Jihlava   JI.HLAVA INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL - The largest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, the festival is a celebration of creative documentary film. Ji.hlava pays tribute to courage and risk in the human spirit, highlighting documentaries with significant topics as artwork. Showcase presents a selection of 2016 winning films.   Oct 24, 2017 7:00 PM RSVP FC ROMA (2016) Directors: Tomáš Bojar and Rozálie Kohoutová Run Time: 76 minutes Origin: Czech Republic Is it always fair game in sport? How can racism and sterotypes be carried onto the field, and perhaps carry even more symbolic weight for minority players? SYNOPSIS A chronicle of the FC Roma football club, whose members have to persuade the other - “gadjo” - teams in the third league to play against them, transforms into an excursion through the various types of everyday Czech xenophobia. The filmmakers’ inconspicuous, observational approach gives a voice to the charismatic coaches, who, with a healthy ironic worldview, comment on a society that gives them virtually no chance. The dialogue of the various protagonists is the most prominent feature of this stirring, yet hopeless sounding documentary. Racism proves to be absurd, often unintentionally comical, but often also chilling. “Hitler doesn’t belong on the playing field.” AWARDS 2016, Best Czech Documentary Film, Jihlava International Documentary Fllm Festival ABOUT THE DIRECTOR Tomáš Bojar (1981), co-writer of the screenplays for director Pavel Abrahám’s films RAPublic (2008, 2008 Jihlava IDFF) and Two Nil (2012, 2012 Jihlava IDFF), filmed his directorial debut in tandem with Rosalie Kohoutová (1985). She is well-known as the filmmaker of Stalin’s Spot from the Gottland anthology (2014, 2014 Jihlava IDFF) and Jenica & Perla (2015, 2015 Jihlava IDFF), a portrait of two Roma girls.  OTHER FILMS IN THE SERIES:  THE SPECTRES ARE HAUNTING EUROPE THE DAZZLING LIGHT OF SUNSET FC ROMA NORMAL AUTISTIC FILM