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August 3, 2017
Title: DIARY OF TRAVELING SOCKS: AFRICAVenue: Czech Center New York / New YorkCategory: FilmDate: 08.17.2017 - 08.17.2017Time: 19.00 hDescription:   DIARY OF TRAVELING SOCKS: AFRICA Presentation and Q&A with traveler Dominik Ilichman Thursday, August 17, 7PM in the Cinema (75 min) Curious how two Czech students wound up in an Ethiopian prison? Would you like to know how to go on a safari for $3? Are you dreaming about adventures but cannot take the first step? Just wait, this talk could become your motivation to make the leap.  With a low budget and courage to face obstacles, Dominik and Adam backpacked on a great adventure through the grand terrain of Africa in 2016. Their colorful socks tagged along with them for the couple of months and were sure to make picture appearances on social media and a travel blog, leading to the creation of “Socks Traveling.” Now, the project aims to encourage people to backpack around the world on a budget friendly agenda. For the first time “Socks Traveling” is making their debut abroad in New York City. RSVP   Meet Dominik: A Czech law student living in Prague. He loves traveling, running and drinking cheap, but fine, wine in the park. He never travels with more than a 10 kg backpack and lives by the motto: “The less money you have, the more authentically you explore the culture”.