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Czech Trade

There is a robust and growing bilateral trade between the U.S. and the Czech Republic.  For information on:

  • trade contacts and institutions,
  • information for identifying a potential Czech supplier,
  • how to identify trade fairs in Czech Republic,
  • addresses and profiles of trade promoting institutions, how to find contacts to a given company, and
  • sources for products and services in the Czech Republic:  

See the useful resources that are available at:, Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade

Business Policy and Czech Trade

AmCham in Brief:
Click on this link for detailed information about the Czech Republic.

The American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic is a non-profit, nongovernment organization governed independently by a board of directors elected from and by its membership. We are a member of the US Chamber of Commerce and the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce (ECACC).

The 35 Chambers belonging to ECACC represent over 17,000 companies that employ 20 million people in Europe and the USA.

The Chamber is registered in the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, section A, entry No. 7665. Id.-No.: 481 18 320.

The chamber connects more than 1600 top executives and company owners representing more than 430 companies. Our member network spans industries, sizes and nationalities.

To get more information about AmCham in the Czech Republic, please, send an email to


AmCham: the Community of Next

Objectives of AMCAM'S Community

  • To make the Czech Republic the best place to do business in Europe by constantly improving the networks between businesses, the knowledge of managing a business, and policy governing business.
  • To pursue the next initiative that benefits both the wider business community and Czech society.
  • To strive to create the next business opportunity, whether it is a transaction, an investment, or a new government policy.
  • To cooperate with governments on the next reform that makes economic policy more transparent, fair, and prosperous for the country.
  • To share the expertise and experiences of our community to raise the standards of operational excellence.

Values of the Community

  • We are transparent.
  • Truth and trust are our core values.
  • We are ambitious. We believe today should be as good as is possible, and tomorrow even better.
  • We take initiative. If we identify what needs to get better, we do not wait for others to take the lead.
  • We are creative. We search for beneficial new trends of managing the economy, managing the country, or building a better society.
  • We are disciplined. Our ideas become reality.
  • We are broad-minded. We understand that there are many solutions to any issue, and we listen to others to find the solution that works best for the sustainable and balanced development of our society.
  • We have respect for others.
  • We excel in every task and in each detail.


Click blow on these links for detailed Country Information: Download AMCHAM's informative brochure on the Czech Republic and learn about GDP, inflation, interest rates, external trade, foreign direct investment (FDI), banking and finance, global competitiveness index, the tax system, labor market, legal and business information, real estate, energy and environment, education, healthcare, IT and TELCO, transport, tourism, regions, and other useful information.