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Czech Food - A Czech Restaurant Menu Guide - Menu Format and layout

Generally, a Czech restaurant will format as listed below:

  • MenuPředkrmy - Starters both hot and cold
  • Polévky - Soup
  • Drůbež - Meals based on poultry
  • Speciality - House food recommendations
  • Hotová jídla - Ready made food served quickly
  • Minutky - Available meals but, must be prepared and will result in waiting
  • Ryby - Fish
  • Saláty - Salads
  • Přílohy - Vegetable/Accompaniments (Chips, Sauces etc)

Alternatively you may find:Moucniky

  • Bezmasá jídla - Vegetarian
  • Moučníky - Dessert
  • Dětské Menu - Childrens' Menu
  • Denní Menu - Daily fixed lunch menu, maybe two or three courses with drink NOT included.

TIP - If you order similar Czech food such as all beef or all pork dishes, you will find the service much quicker than if you order a range of different meats. All meals will wait for the slowest one to be prepared.