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Completed Projects and Achievements

Since its founding in 1995, AFoCR has accomplished numerous projects, activities, and events, as listed below.  Here are the highlights:


  • Advocated for Czech membership in NATO;
  • Advocated for the visa waiver for Czechs;
  • Published a quarterly newsletter, with over 5,500 in circulation, including to the media, Congress, and administration; and
  • Published numerous letters to the media on issues related to the Czech Republic.

Major Projects 

  • Raised over $300,000 after the 2002 floods and made grants to 20 schools, churches, museums, hospitals, and towns in the Czech Republic;
  • Built and dedicated the Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk Memorial in Washington;
  • Built and dedicated the Woodrow Wilson Monument in Prague;
  • Published and distributed 7,000 copies of book on Sir Nicholas Winton, who saved 700 Czech Jewish children in 1939; and
  • Facilitated planning, development, and opening of the Aspen Institute Prague.
  • Established Havel Memorial at Georgetown University ('13)
  • Established Havel Bust in the U.S. Capitol ('14)
  • Lead Reconstruction of Sokol West, Texas gymnasium ('15)
  • Sponsored CODEL to Prague, ('17)
  • Sponsored two Czech Parliamentarians to the United States for educational, political, and cultural awareness ('17)

Awards Received

  • Received Gratias Agit award for NATO Advocacy from Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Representation Activities

  • Participated in three White House State Dinners and the ceremony for NATO Enlargement.

Galas and Anniversary Events  

  • Held nine Gala Award Dinners: New York, Washington D.C., Houston, Chicago, & Prague.


  • Made donor advised grants for a Czech student at Gallaudet University, to Charles University, to the Jewish museum, and a to food bank in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Receiving and Hosting Visitors

  • Received and hosted numerous delegations from the Czech Parliament and government, including the President, two Lord Mayors of Prague, four Prime Ministers, and the Vice Chairman of the Senate.

Czech and Slovak Freedom Lecture Series

  • With Friends of Slovakia co-sponsored annual lecture in Washington, with key speakers including former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Czech President Václav Klaus, Czech U.N. Ambassador Martin Palouš, Czech Prime Minister Miroslav Topolánek, and Slovak Prime Minister Iveta Radičová.

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