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Kristyna Pellouchoud Driehaus

AFoCR Director Kristyna Pellouchoud Driehaus is a founder and Chair of the private investment company, Sazava Partners LLC.  In addition, Ms. Pellouchoud Driehaus founded The Kristyna M. Driehaus Foundation in January, 2004 and currently serves as its President.  The KMD Foundation’s mission is to provide opportunities for citizens of the Czech Republic to expand their knowledge, expertise and experiences, and to encourage personal and community growth through academic, professional, and cultural activities both in the Czech Republic and the United States.  Through its activities, the Foundation seeks to support the long-term development and improvement of Czech society.

The KMD Foundation supports educational programs such as The Regina’s Hope Medical Program and The Global Health Program.  These medical programs are a result of collaboration between The KMD Foundation, Northwestern University Feinberg Medical School (Children’s Memorial Hospital) and the Charles University 2nd Medical Faculty (Motol Hospital).  These programs offer a unique opportunity for medical students to gain research and clinical experience in state-of-the-art hospitals in Chicago, as well as in Prague, Czech Republic.  Under these programs, qualified students are encouraged to broaden their formal education, to learn about professional practices outside their country, to share with their peers, and to develop and maintain strong international relationships.

The KMD Foundation further supports cultural organizations and projects that aim to expose the global community to Czech art and culture.  Furthermore, support is provided to programs that encourage the revival of local traditions and the reconnection of Czech communities in the Czech Republic and the United States with their historical and cultural roots.  The KMD Foundation aims to proactively strengthen personal and community involvement in Czech public officials, professionals, and other community leaders in the Czech Republic and the United States through innovative activities that stimulate creative learning, working and problem solving.

Prior to her current positions, Ms. Pellouchoud Driehaus served as Chair of the Prague Committee of the Chicago Sister Cities International Program, where she was responsible for overseeing the development, management, and fundraising of all Program activities between Prague, Czech Republic and Chicago.  Ms. Pellouchoud Driehaus has also served on various boards, including the Auxiliary Board of The Chicago School of Art Institute, and an event planning board of Chicago Sacred Heart Schools.  Currently, Ms. Pellouchoud Driehaus serves on the Women’s Board of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  Ms. Pellouchoud Driehaus holds a degree from St. Prumyslova Skola in Prague, Czech Republic and a B.A. in Political Science and Journalism from Northwestern University in Chicago.